Challenging site leads to an outstanding double-storey design.

St Francis de Sales required an immediate upgrade of its facilities for its growing Senior School before the start of the 2012 school year.

The new building was to be located in a tight corner of the site, with a very acute angle. Ausco Modular carefully considered the site space and clients’ needs to design the last two modules of the building at a raked angle and to clad the walls facing the road in cement sheet to maximise the space available and to provide an attractive façade. In maximizing the site space, the front wall was only 3.0 from the street boundary and created the perfect canvas to showcase the school's logo and maxim.

Ausco Modular worked closely with the Catholic Schools Office and the School’s representatives to ensure that all requirements were met.


St Francis De Sales College
Students will utilise this new space as a stepping stone towards tertiary studies


To support the school’s teaching model, a flexible open-plan centre was designed on the upper floor, while the ground floor consisted of four conventional classrooms as well as toilet facilities. Each area was fitted with appropriate infrastructure to support the growing use of technology in the learning environment.

The two-storey modular building concept was able to provide an attractive and cost-effective solution to the school’s need to expand the senior school facilities within a tight site and budget.

Ausco Modular’s ability to provide accurate preliminary budget pricing and concept drawings was instrumental in gaining approval for the project to proceed. Transparent costs, detailed plans and guarantees set Ausco Modular apart from its competitors.

The project was featured in the local newspaper, The Courier, as it had developed so much interest amongst the local community when it “appeared” on the site over a four day period.

The client is delighted with the quality and appearance of the finished project and has already recommended Ausco Modular to another College, which is considering a new two-storey development.