Mining & Resources

Remote solutions for the Mining industry

Ausco Modular's range of transportable buildings are the perfect solution to the challenges that face our customers who operate in the mining & resources sector.  With a range of accommodation and work spaces available, both for short term hire or as long term, permanent solutions, we can support your operations as you scale up and down.  Our fleet is easily moved from location to location, allowing us to expand as your project does ultimately saving time and money.

Workforce accommodation

Whatever your need, we have a workforce accommodation option that will suit you.  We offer a range of mobile camps designed to accommodate 30-300 people quickly, and are manufactured to endure frequent, rugged relocations and fluctuating headcounts.  

For longer term projects, our village style accommodation, Stayover by Ausco, may be an attractive offer.

Operating facilities

Developing the infrastructure to support a remote site can be challenging.  Ausco Modular has a range of buildings that can help get your site operational quickly, saving all important time as you ramp up production.

Our buildings can be configured for just about any need, and you can hire or buy them.  

Any time, anywhere

Plug and play mobile camps are ready to mobilise to any location in Australia, including Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, the Northern Territory and New South Wales.

Ausco moves with you

When you need to keep projects moving to the next location, our team will be there to move the camp, ready again for occupying where and when you need it.

We change when you change

It is easy to alter your camp hire with Ausco.  We can work with you to optimise your camps as your timeframes or headcounts change, accommodating your changing requirements quickly and with ease.