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With over 50 years’ experience building facilities for public use right across Australia, Ausco Modular are the right choice when you want to replace aging facilities, build new ones or simply refurbish or reconfigure existing buildings.

A large portion of construction takes place offsite, in Ausco Modular’s state of the art factories, and as such disruption to the ongoing operation of your sites is kept to a minimum.  Located conveniently across the country, our construction methodology greatly improves speed of delivery (say goodbye to “rain days”) while also reducing waste generated and the need for lengthy on-site construction works.

While much of the construction takes place offsite, Ausco Modular is proud to engage with local trades for the on-site installation phase of our buildings.  This means your local tradespeople are still able to contribute in a meaningful way to the construction of their new community facilities.

Ausco Modular can deliver a building to suit your needs – whether that’s a new office building, a community centre to cater for growth in your constituency or a state-of-the-art sporting facility, we’re here to help.  We’ve even worked directly with peak sporting bodies like the AFL, Queensland Rugby League and Football Queensland to ensure our facilities meet their high standards. 

Our buildings are available for permanent or long term use, or if you’ve got a short term, temporary need, we can help you there too.  We’ve got one of Australia’s largest fleets of hire buildings ready to go and conveniently located right around Australia. 

When you choose to build with Ausco you won’t be disappointed.

"Ausco helped me by delivering a superior product to budget and on-time. Their modular format and in-house design team was instrumental in the delivery process allowing Fraser Coast Regional Council to achieve its delivery objectives."

Andrew Treloar 
Corporate Project and Delivery Coordinator
Fraser Coast Regional Council

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