Introducing Progress-ED, a multi-level Education solution designed specifically for growing schools facing limited real estate. With our flexible and configurable approach, we offer a hassle-free solution that meets your space requirements efficiently.

One of the key advantages of Progress-ED is its precision manufacturing and modular design. Our modules are engineered to seamlessly click into place, significantly reducing the time required for onsite installation. This means your new two-storey facility can be ready for use in minimal time, ensuring that your students can occupy the classrooms without delay.

Our solution incorporates deck, stair, and lift modules that are installed on the same day, streamlining the construction process. Progress-ED is highly configurable, allowing you to tailor the solution to your specific requirements. Whether you need additional classrooms, administrative spaces, or specialised facilities, our modular design enables us to create a layout that suits your unique needs. We work closely with you to ensure that the solution meets your educational objectives and supports your school's growth.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Progress-ED, the multi-level Education solution designed for growing schools. Contact us today to discuss your needs and explore how we can provide the space solution you require, delivered and installed precisely when you need it.

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Meticulously designed from top to bottom

The innovative design of Progress-ED gives greater flexibility to configure spaces. Reconfigure internal walls to full glass windows. Classroom windows can become full glass walls with Progress-ED or concertina doors to bring in the outside in. Enclaves can be created with special attention to acoustics or sensory stimulants. Classrooms can expand or contract depending on activity. 

All this in a temporary, hired solution.

Space that makes an impact

Raising the bar for best-practice sustainability standards for temporary facilities, Progress-ED ensures purpose built classroom space can positively impact the wellbeing of its occupants through improved acoustics, LED lighting & ventilation.

More than a physical space, your classrooms underpin a new way of working, helping to connect and collaborate purposefully and to work efficiently and effectively wherever you are.

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