Safety & sustainability is important to me. How does Ausco support this?

Safety and Sustainability are important to Ausco Modular, too.  From a safety perspective, the controlled production environment at our factories greatly contributes to lessening the risk of injury associated with construction.  Additionally, our innovative, patented SealSafe technology removes working at heights risks on site when complexing modules together, while also giving our buildings a weather proof seal. 

Our buildings are all fitted with insulation and LED or fluorescent lighting, and we’re always making design improvements to our fleet to further improve their energy efficiency. 

Perhaps most importantly, when you build with Ausco the building itself is reusable.  If you’re hiring a building from us for a short- or medium-term need, you’ll rest easy knowing that the same building has been used before and will be used again for another project.  If you’re building a permanent building with Ausco, your finished structure can be extended or re-used in future – even relocated to another site if the need arises!