The King's College

With a commitment to providing quality education and giving back to the environment, The King's College has forged a strong partnership with Ausco. The college has been utilising Ausco's transportable buildings as classrooms and recently extended their term for an additional 24 months.

The King's College faced a common challenge to many schools: the need for additional learning spaces to accommodate their growing student population. To address this issue, while maintaining the high standards of education and ensuring the comfort of their students, the college sought a reliable and flexible solution. 

The college turned to Ausco for our expertise in providing quality transportable buildings. Ausco offered a range of demountable classrooms that met the college's requirements. These classrooms were swiftly deployed, ensuring that the school year began without disruptions. 

Beyond the classroom, The King's College and Ausco Modula share a commitment to community and sustainability. In a remarkable display of this shared value, Ausco volunteers alongside 40 King's College students as part of the college's annual "Generosity Day". Together, they planted trees and contributed tot he local environment.