Permanent Modular Building Design & Construction

Go from vision to reality faster and with more precision thanks to our modular construction techniques and proven designs.
When purchasing your permanent modular building, you have options depending on your site and requirements.

Select from our standard range of modular buildings covering classrooms, training rooms, commercial offices, site and project offices or even remote workers accommodation.

Or work with our design and engineering team for a permanent solution to include the features you need and want within your budget and to fit seamlessly with your existing buildings.

Modular Building

Offsite construction. Onsite benefits

Modular construction has a foundation in consistent building excellence. Through considerate, best-in-class design supported by offsite manufacturing, your Ausco Modular buildings, whether big complexes or single offices, will be delivered efficiently and consistently to the highest professional standard. 

For 60 years Ausco Modular has pioneered, developed and innovated the modular construction business. We know modular inside and out. With a variety of standardised footprints and designs, we can not only deliver you a tried and tested product, we can also do it up 50% quicker than an in-situ building.

Yet this does not mean each and every modular building isn't tailored to the location or owners' aesthetic so talk to us today and see how modular can achieve your perfect building.

The simple process

Step 1


Our team of architects and project managers will work with you to fully understand your unique site and your project’s requirements.

Step 2

Definitive Design

Using the information gathered, our team will develop a series of blueprints, as well as building a precise cost and scheduling the project.

Step 3

Optimised Production

Once approved to production, detailed drawings, specifications and production plans are sent to our construction facility and the building begins. Concurrently, our installation team begin preparations for site works to ensure that we’re able to erect your structure with minimal disruption on site. Our planning systems leave nothing to chance, and our production processes mean we can be sure that the final product is completed to a high standard and to a timeline with very little chance of delay.

Step 4

Accelerated assembly

The completed structure is transported to site and assembly begins. Our skilled on-site installation team can quickly complete the structure. Some minimal on-site work, including installation of connections to services and finishing joins between buildings occurs before the building is commissioned and ready for hand over.

Time savings

Modular construction represents significant time savings as the majority of construction happens offsite in a factory unaffected by weather and access issues. Further savings can be achieved by utlising the standard, tried and tested designs and footprints Ausco has developed.

Permanent Modular Buildings Case Studies

Glenelg Oval Sports Facilities

Delivered and installed in just 2 days

Calvary Lutheran Primary School

Ausco Modular designed a high-quality learning cluster, incorporating classrooms, student break-out areas and amenities.

Stockland Kalina Sales & Info Centre

The modular construction methodology and Ausco Modular’s demonstrated ability to deliver high-quality projects for Stockland proved successful when their team required new facilities on site quickly.


Modular Buildings were chosen to reduce project time by simultaneous off-site manufacturing and site works, and the ease to add additional structural components in the future as required.

Permanent Modular Buildings by Industry Sector

Local & Regional Councils

Whether it is a new office, public amenities, a community centre to cater for growth in your region, or a sporting facility, a modular building could be the solution. We have worked with local councils Australia-wide to provide smart space solutions for their communities.

Modular Sports Facilities

Ausco Modular has partnered with the AFL, QLD Rugby League, Football QLD, Football SA, Football NSW and Northern NSW Football to deliver modular sporting facilities that meet the needs of the community.

Health & Community Care

We have fast and cost-effective solutions for the health and aged care sector that are suitable for use as permanent or temporary facilities.

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