As Australia’s leading modular building provider, Ausco Modular designs and constructs state-of-the-art prefabricated medical, healthcare and aged care facilities using the latest in sustainable and aesthetically pleasing modular technology construction methods.

We provide full turnkey modular medical building solutions to organisations across Australia, including modular healthcare buildings, medical clinics and aged care facilities. Our solutions encompass engineering, compliance, approvals, off-site manufacture, on-site construction and handover and documentation — saving you time, money and ensuring the highest construction and health and safety standards from initial design right through to completion.

Engineered and designed to provide the right mix of resident rooms, communal areas, treatment zones, staff access areas, storage, amenities, offices, building services and hospitality areas, Ausco can fully customise a modular medical building solution for any requirement. Whether it’s a single-storey two-bed prefabricated medical clinic or a two-storey 150-bed residential aged care facility, rely on Ausco to deliver a custom modular solution on time and on budget.

Modular Medical Clinics

When you need a healthcare clinic or additional medical facilities but don’t have the time for a traditional construction process, modular medical buildings are the right choice. Without a lengthy construction process, the new space can be approved and used immediately after assembly. Not only can prefabricated health clinics and facilities provide additional patient space quickly, but they can be custom-designed to meet a wide range of needs. From traditional hospital space and general medical facilities to alcohol and drug centres, mental health facilities and regional health clinics, Ausco’s modular medical clinics are the right choice.

Modular Aged Care Buildings

The increasing need for aged care facilities across Australia makes modular construction an advantageous choice — especially when space is needed urgently. Ausco’s manufacturing facilities enable most of the construction process to take place in the factory, reducing the time-to-completion factor, enabling services to commence sooner and delivering greater returns on investment. Ausco delivers functional and aesthetically appealing modular aged care facilities for a range of public, private and government organisations across Australia.


In addition to the advantages that modular construction delivers, there are also many benefits of partnering with Ausco Modular on your modular medical building project:

  • Fixed costs — Modular ensures projects can be finished on budget and on time
  • Faster occupancy — Minimal disturbance to patients as most work is off-site
  • Lower overall cost — Repetition-based modular floor plans deliver cost savings
  • Easily repeatable design — Roll out the same floor plan across multiple locations
  • Consistent factory quality — Ausco manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 accredited
  • Reduced upfront costs on additional facilities — Expand facilities cost-effectively
  • Access to completed prototypes before commitment — Providing peace of mind

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Faster construction

At least 80% of modular construction is completed off site, removed from the critical path for the site works, helping to significantly reduce site disruption including vehicle traffic, as well as improving overall safety and security during construction.

Reduced costs

Modular construction can achieve significant reduction in labour and material costs through factory efficiency.  Shorter build times and the elimination of onsite construction delays helps reduce labour costs, and for regional or remote locations, the ability to transport a built facility directly to site further controls labour and material supply costs.

Consistent & repeatable

With stringent quality controls, modular building systems insure consistency in construction to meet performance and compliance requirements unique to aged care applications.  The high repeatability of resident room layouts is ideal for harnessing the lean manufacturing methodology benefits of cost and time.

Case Studies

Windorah Primary Health Centre

A new modular medical facility for outback QLD

Boulia Primary Healthcare Centre and Wellbeing Centre

Modular construction delivers health facilities faster