Modular Building Relocations & Refurbishments Services

Is it time to upgrade, expand or move your modular building?

When it comes to quick and affordable upgrades, expansion or movement, modular buildings are in a class of their own. Ausco is able to refurbish, expand or relocate modular buildings subject to inspection.

Refurbish your existing building with Ausco Modular

We all know what a difference walking into a brand new, light filled, brightly painted and welcoming space can have on the way you approach your work (or school) day.  It’s easy to find motivation when the space around you welcomes you and envelops your senses.  Unfortunately, over time design trends and utilisation of space changes, and often a building designed even just 10-15 years ago just doesn’t offer the same level of energy to its occupants as it once did. 

Ausco Modular’s refresh, refurbish and relocation service can help you in these instances.  Our expert team can perform renovation works on just about any building, bringing our best in class project management, a skilled team of tradespeople, design and engineering experience together to return your building to its former glory. 

We understand that speed is an important factor to consider when you undertake refurbishment works on your site.  While the scope of works for each project will ultimately determine the project timeframes, Ausco’s large and skilled workforce of tradespeople combined with a pragmatic project management approach ensures that each project runs like clockwork.  We’re even able to complete projects over holiday periods, when other builders are on shut down.  Why?  Simply because we recognise that the buildings you occupy are critical to your business, school or club and we’re keen to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

Customisation and additional options

While our team is completing renovation or restoration works to your building, we’re also able to customise, enhance and improve just about any feature of the building.  Talk to our team to explore your options, including:


  • Disabled access throughout
  • Compliant persons with disability bathroom facilities
  • Access ramps with landings and hand rails


  • Window shutters
  • Security system

Comfort and amenity

  • Additional aesthetic features including cladding options, finishes and fittings throughout
  • Air conditioning
  • Bifold doors (interior or exterior walls)
  • Breezeway creation
  • Grand entrance doors including canopy doors
  • Cool room or other specialised storage space
  • Covered external deck or veranda areas
  • Skylights
  • Steps, ramps, handrails and landings
  • Solar panels and other energy efficiency upgrades including insulation


  • Retaining walls
  • External lighting
  • Terrace seating
  • Signage
  • Bicycle racks
  • Lockers

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Giving back to the community

At Ausco, we recognise the importance of giving back to the communities in which we operate. We encourage employees who are active in their communities to support charitable causes and organisations.  

Ausco Modular has long been a supporter of Indigenous Programs. In North Queensland, we sponsor the Garbutt Magpies Cup program which develops mental, social and emotional well-being in Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander youth. We provide assistance with Certificate 1 construction training for Abergowrie students and much more.