Workforce Accommodation Buildings

Ausco Modular’s site accommodation solutions for seasonal, temporary or short-term workers provide your workforce with industry-leading comfort, no matter where your project is located

With extensive experience in providing site accommodation to locations across Australia, we’re able to offer a wide range of high-quality transportable accommodation buildings for workforce camps, all of which are available for hire when planning a new or extending an existing workforce or mining accommodation camp. Built tough to endure rugged Australian site conditions without compromising on comfort and safety, our portable accommodation buildings give you the extra flexibility to add, substitute or remove buildings as your project requirements change.

When your team needs privacy and their comfort is paramount, our 3 or 4 bedroom remote workforce accommodation buildings provide a fast, flexible and MP3.3-compliant solution that prioritises the wellbeing of your team members.

*Please note. These temporary buildings are suited to workforce accommodation and not for residential purposes. Thank you.

Temporary Solutions for Resources

Workforce Accommodation & Wellbeing

Mobile Accommodation Camps

Building Renter Protection

Peace of mind for the duration of your building hire.

We understand accidents happen. Ausco Modular’s Building Renter Protection is a simple, cost-effective but comprehensive alternative to standard property insurance. Protecting our customers by covering loss or damage as a result of events such as vandalism, fire, theft or an ‘Act of God’.


Safety Innovation Exclusive to Ausco Modular

Ausco Modular’s patented SealSafeTM system is making the installation of complexed modules safer and faster, completely eliminating the need to access the roof of the building during installation. 

SealSafe is changing the way the modular and construction industry views safety on the work site

360° Solutions

Working with Ausco means project support from day one to delivery.

One call gives you access to our 360° Solutions  and a world of modular choices. We offer a range of services that tick all the boxes to complement the space we have provided. 

A genuine national presence means an Ausco Modular solution is never far away.