Modular Buildings For Every Industry

With over 50 years experience in the design and construction of modular buildings all across Australia, Ausco Modular is well placed to help you realise your project vision, regardless of the industry in which you participate.

We're familiar with operating within tight timelines and regulatory constraints and are proud of our ability to ensure we're able to deliver each project on-time and on-budget, utilising our in-house expertise and the advantages that our purpose-built modular construction factories deliver to us.  Read on if you'd like to better understand how our experience can be of benefit to you.


Modular Classrooms & Learning Spaces

For 60 years, Ausco Modular has proudly served the needs of the education sector. Changing demographics, renovations or emergencies require swift responses. Modular space can answer the call quickly and effectively and Ausco Modular is the best in the business.

Hire, Buy or Stay with Ausco

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We understand that developing the infrastructure to support a remote site can be challenging, so be assured we have the expertise to provide everything you need on-site to deliver projects on time

Local & Regional Councils

Ausco has proudly worked with local Councils across Australia to design, develop and construct a wide range of community facilities and operating offices, including sporting facilities, changerooms and community centres.

Health & Community Care

We have fast and cost-effective solutions for the health and aged care sector that are suitable for use as permanent or temporary facilities.

Modular Sports Facilities

Ausco Modular has partnered with the AFL, QLD Rugby League, Football QLD, Football SA, Football NSW and Northern NSW Football to deliver modular sporting facilities that meet the needs of the community.