AFLW Rapid Deployment Changeroom

Temporary changerooms to facilitate Henson Park upgrades

Ausco Modular is proud to collaborate with the Australian Football League to provide fast, flexible, and reliable modular solutions to both grassroots and professional clubs through our Rapid Deployment Changeroom initiative. Our goal is to ensure that every club can play and thrive together, fostering a stronger sense of community.

The iconic Henson Park in Sydney is to receive upgrades to their existing changeroom facilities to provide female friendly amenities. In the interim, Ausco has provided temporary changerooms for local and AFLW games hosted at the venue. Once the changerooms are no longer needed, they are move onto the next project, benefiting more communities time and time again.


“These changerooms are really unique because they will support our community users for the whole of 2024 and beyond, but also provide a solution for AFLW elite content. The great thing about these changerooms is that once our field at Henson Park is done, we will be able to take them around the state to service community football needs wherever there might be a need for it,” said AFL NSW Venue and Partnerships Manager Samuel Thomson.

“The benefit that Ausco bring is that they’re able to provide a really unique solution that’s affordable but can be designed to meet the needs of the end user, whoever that may be, and be able to be constructed really quickly.”