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sustainability & ESG

Through our in-house expertise, we design modular solutions with sustainability in mind. We are committed to using sustainable materials, improving environmental performance wherever possible and delivering a societal benefit through our smart space applications. We also maintain ongoing dialogue with our customers to help support their own sustainability initiatives and targets.

Our smart spaces can be modified and reconfigured to adapt to the changing requirements of our customers and their stakeholders, with units easily moved or adapted as the needs of our customers and communities evolve. We continually reuse existing modules during their lifecycle, with refurbishment further extending their life without compromising on quality or performance.

At the end of their useful economic life, our modules are either sold to further extend their lives or dismantled into components, with up to 96% of material recyclable. In production we use lean manufacturing techniques, strict design specifications, and inventory and quality control to limit the amount of waste. The total amount of waste generated from one of our factory-produced modular buildings is around half that of traditional construction.

Our long term goal is to retain the value of materials and resources indefinitely, with no residual waste at all. At Ausco Modular, we are committed to creating smart spaces for people to work, learn and live, with circularity and sustainability driving our approach.


Sustainability Reports

Modulaire's Latest Sustainability Report

Modulaire has set a clear roadmap to sustainability across the various business it operates across the world. We hold ourselves accountable by reporting on our progress towards our goals.

Ausco's Sustainability Goals

At Ausco, we want to provide the very best modular solutions which add to the world, our team, our customers and the communities in which we work. Our Environment, Social and Governance goals are our pathway to sustainablility.

Ausco's Sustainability Newsletter

Each quarter we will let you know what we have been doing, what we are planning and how you can get involved. Read the latest Sustainability newsletter for Q3 2023.


A key benefit of our solutions and how we work is the ability to manage and reduce our environmental impact and that of our customers and suppliers. The circular nature of our modular solutions mean that they are fully reusable, flexible and reconfigurable to ensure that they are utilised to the fullest, reducing waste and maximising their useful life. Units can have a life of over 30 years and be re-used 20 times or more.


Our modular solutions are designed with a social purpose – we create smart spaces where people work, learn and live. To do this effectively, we understand the importance of listening, engaging, and working in collaboration with our customers, employees, and the communities in which we operate. By working together, we are making a positive difference to the infrastructure that is meeting society’s changing needs. 


We recognise that we must conduct business ethically, considering environmental and community goals and being a good employer, as we focus on the growth and success of our business. Our Executive team are fully committed to running Ausco in a way that our employees, customers and the community can be proud of and take our commitments to all our stakeholders seriously.

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If you are seeking a dynamic career with a growing, innovative Australian company then Ausco Modular is the employer for you. With roles across manufacturing, design & engineering, customer relations, professional services and more, you will have room to grow.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Ausco Modular recognises that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are Australia’s first people. We acknowledge that there has been considerable loss to them – their lands, kin, languages and cultural identity.  As such, we've worked hard to create a meaningful Reconciliation Action Plan that has practical actions that will drive our contribution to reconciliation both internally and within the communities in which we operate.

A Sustainable Career

A career at Ausco is a career in innovation, sustainability and the future. More than just talk, Ausco has committed to action to reduce carbon emissions, water consumption and waste. We are also seeking innovative minds to take modular to the next eco level.