Balaklava High School

In need of a building solution that was time sensitive, Balaklava High School worked with Ausco Modular to prioritise upgrades and ensure infrastructure was complete in time for year 7 students to begin high school by 2022. The 850m2 facilities cover two foot prints including a new modular building encompassing general learning areas, breakout spaces, art rooms and storage, teacher preparation areas, and access toilet. The second area features a central suspended concrete breakout space.

The aim of the project was to create a collaborative learning environment for students that enabled an uninterrupted flow between the internal and external spaces. As principal contractor, Ausco ensured a safe work environment, occurring throughout school operational hours, complete with demolition of aging infrastructure and new landscaping to disturbed areas. The handover delivered a great facility with the ability to serve the needs of the growing school community now and into the future.