Barker Inlet Power Station Temporary Facilities and Buildings

Temporary site facilities for a large scale infrastructure project

When Primero was selected by Wartsila to provide construction services for the construction of AGL’s $295 million Barker Inlet Power Station, a multitude of staff facilities needed to be delivered to site quickly, both to mobilise the project and for long term use.

The Barker Inlet Power Station will be a 210MW dual fuel power plant located just 18km from the Adelaide CBD in Torrens Island, South Australia. The project represents the first utility scale reciprocating engine power plant in Australia’s national electricity market.

Ausco Modular was engaged to supply temporary facilities to accommodate on-site management and work force. Within just six weeks from the initial enquiry, Ausco had delivered and installed 46 buildings to site, including site offices, lunch rooms and amenities as well as administration facilities for Primero, Wartsila and AGL.

The isolated location of the site meant that the site had to be reasonable self sufficient. As such, Ausco’s fresh water, waste water and pump out services were required to ensure smooth operation of the plant. Without these services, the site’s lunch rooms and amenities would not have been operable. Additionally, Ausco’s proprietary SealsafeTM technology meant that the project was able to be installed safely without the requirement of any workers accessing rooflines while complexing the modules that were delivered.

Working at heights is one of the highest risk activities on a building site, and Ausco’s SealsafeTM completely eliminates the need to access the roof of a building upon installation through the use of a track and rail system to weatherproof complexed module joins. The completed roofline mirrors that of a conventionally constructed building, ensuring that the building remains safe and protected from the elements.

Thanks to Ausco’s ability to deliver buildings at the site quickly, Primero Group were able to begin operations with little delay, maximising the project’s profitability and ensuring happy customers. Ausco has one of Australia’s largest fleets of buildings suitable for just about any job site and are conveniently located right across Australia. Regardless of your needs or the site’s location, we’ll be able to help.

“Ausco worked closely with Primero to ensure that our schedule and budget were met without compromising the final facility.”

Damian Jones
Construction Manager
Primero Group

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