Bedourie Showgrounds Amenities

Perched on a sand dune and surrounded by Eyre Creek, Bedourie is perfect for a one-of-a-kind outback Queensland adventure to the far west.

Diamantina Shire Council recognised the previous, dated amenities required replacing. Due to the remote location, it was deemed that the most practical solution was to manufacture all components of the project off-site. This is an advantage to clients such as Diamantina Shire Council, who might otherwise be required to engage on-site trades and services and temporarily relocate them to small communities like Bedourie (population 140).

Ausco designed and delivered a new modular facility with a focus on inclusiveness and accessibility for all abilities. Minimum requirements for the facility included 2 offices, multi-use room, male and female amenities and showers, parents room, first aid room and storage.

The new modular facility has been spoken in high regard from the Council and passed on many thanks to the team at Ausco. Customer success requires buy-in and input from many different teams, and this essential quality is evident in the success of this project.