Remote Workforce Accommodation

The Stayover by Ausco network of fully serviced, managed accommodation villages aims to provide a comfortable and welcoming experience for Australia’s remote and regionally based workforce. We provide comfortable rooms, full catering, a range of guest services, recreational facilities and full-time onsite management.


Based upon our Build, Own, Operate (BOO) model, we work closely with our customer base, guests, suppliers and contractors to ensure Stayover by Ausco villages offer the highest quality facilities with maximum livability. Likewise, and just as importantly, we also liaise closely with local communities and regional councils to ensure there are optimal contribution and participation by our villages and guests with the neighbouring communities

Stayover by Ausco is founded on the principles of:

  • Service - Down to earth and authentic 
  • Comfort - A genuine home away from home atmosphere
  • Healthy lifestyle - A great night’s sleep, nutritious food and access to exercise options
  • Safety - The well-being of our guests and staff is paramount
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Giving back to the community

At Ausco, we recognise the importance of giving back to the communities in which we operate. We encourage employees who are active in their communities to support charitable causes and organisations.  

Ausco Modular has long been a supporter of Indigenous Programs. In North Queensland, we sponsor the Garbutt Magpies Cup program which develops mental, social and emotional well-being in Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander youth. We provide assistance with Certificate 1 construction training for Abergowrie students and much more.