Bowen Developmental Road Upgrade

Ausco provides a remote accommodation camp in just over two weeks

The Bowen Developmental Road upgrade project involves sealing over 25km of road and replacing existing aging and damaged structures in North Queensland’s Whitsunday region.  The road is frequently used by heavy vehicles associated with mining and agriculture operations.

Ausco Modular was engaged by Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads, to mobilise a 64-person camp to accommodate teams completing the project over an 18-month period.

Within just two and half weeks, Ausco’s Remote Accommodation team had provided a full turnkey solution, which includes ensuite accommodation, catering facilities, sewerage treatment plant, water treatment facility, recreational facilities, office space, first aid room, generators and more.

All decking and walkways structures were completed on-site within the setup, and the camp facilities abide by the Queensland Development Code MP 3.3 - Temporary Accommodation Buildings and Structures.

Ausco’s ability to complete the mobile camp setup within a short time period meant the project could begin operations on time, maximising the project’s outcomes and ensuring a happy customer.

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