Coomera Anglican College

Challenging site leads to an exceptional changeroom facility

Faced with an immediate need for new toilet and changeroom facilities, Coomera Anglican College’s architect contacted Ausco to provide additional facilities to allow for refurbishment and extensions on existing buildings.

A key advantage of modular buildings is their ability to the land on a difficult, sloping site. The challenging site required to Ausco to design ramp and stairs to let students access the building from two locations.

Works were completed on site without disruption to the school’s normal operations, including building approval and all service connections to several locations for electrical and hydraulic feeds. A full turnkey solution delivered on schedule, allowing Coomera’s students to carry-on with sporting functions without the inconvenience of seeking facilities further from the oval.

The building has been designed in such a way that it allow for safe and easy access, and meets disabled and ambulant requirements.

“The location that was thought to be unusable, allowed the college to provide changeroom facilities far closer than any other idea. This setup now allows the school to maintain facilities while their master plan is realised over the next 2 to 3 years’ worth of construction.” Said Ausco’s Mark Watkins.

“Ausco Modular is proud to be able to provide solutions to Schools that solve immediate problems.”