Dunalley Primary School Disaster Recovery

Rapid response possible with local teams

In early January, 2013, devastating fires razed much of the Tasman Peninsula. Many small towns and communities suffered immeasurable losses, but few more so than the town of Dunalley, located 57km east of Hobart.

The town lost one-third of all buildings - more than 65 structures - including the police station and primary school.

Ausco Modular responded quickly to the tragedy and supplied temporary buildings for the school whilst it is rebuilt.

The Ausco Modular team came together immediately to ensure there would be minimal if any disruption to the regular operations of the school and within a ten-day time frame, 17 semi-trailers delivered a range of buildings to the site to be installed and fitted out.

Five classrooms, one staff and administration building, one library and multiple toilet blocks were installed at the school site and ready for use within four weeks of the fires and staff and students were able to commence the school year on time.

The close collaboration between Ausco Modular, the Department of Education, architects, engineers, subcontractors and local transport companies was a key element in the completion and success of this project.

Ausco Modular maintains a dedicated team of employees and subcontractors in Tasmania, further enabling them to respond quickly to the crisis by leveraging the company’s national capabilities.

Similarly, Ausco Modular’s high level of flexibility in the overall layout of the school allowed the client to complete final designs during the installation of the buildings, thus ensuring the project was turned over as quickly as possible.

The client was extremely pleased with the fast turnaround time, and how the requirements of the school were so easily met by Ausco Modular’s range of products and customisation options.

Today, Dunalley Primary school, established in 1885 and rebuilt after the fire, proudly sits on the same site overlooking Blackmans Bay, stronger than eve with 91 students from the surrounding townships.

Dunalley Primary School Disaster Recovery