Eumundi State School

Innovative solutions for a growing school

Eumundi State School, a reputed school that has been providing education to the local children for more than 100 years, was in need of two new classrooms to accommodate the growing number of students.

With an influx of new students due in 2019 and lack of teaching space, Eumundi State School faced a familiar challenge. New classrooms were required however the existing building footprint meant there was no convenient site to locate the new buildings.

Ultimately, Eumundi needed to make a difficult choice - sacrifice oval space or choose to build on a difficult site. As school populations continue to increase, this is a challenge faced by many.

Fortunately, Eumundi State School was able to retain access to their school oval by choosing to build on a difficult, sloping site.

The design developed in conjunction with Ausco Modular utilised a clever counter lean system of footings that ultimately allowed the school to gain both additional space for new students and retain its precious oval space.

Works were completed on site without disruption to the school’s normal operations, plus a full turnkey solution was delivered a full two weeks ahead of schedule allowing Eumundi’s students to kick off their school year without distraction of having to move classrooms mid-way through term.

The building has been designed in such a way that it allows safe and easy ingress, maximizing the usable space around the new classrooms and placement of essential services such as air conditioning compressors safely out of the way. In doing so, Eumundi State School have added the buildings necessary to service their growing student population and retained the use of their oval – a win-win outcome!