Invermay Primary School

Temporary space with a permanent feel

A key advantage of transportable modular buildings is their ability to be redeployed quickly, especially when the need is great. This situation presented itself at Invermay Primary School in Victoria’s Central Highlands.

Recently, Invermay Primary School began minor building works on their administration building, where the contractor soon discovered extensive termite damage and the building was deemed too dangerous to enter.

Ausco was immediately notified and recognising the urgency of the situation, local teams moved to inspect the site, prepare temporary administration facilities and land both buildings within 48 hours. Within the four days that followed, the buildings were complete with site fencing, electrical, air con, plumbing, compliant ramps and decks, painting, carpets, new locks installed and site and building cleans. The final product was handed over to the school with no defects within 10 days of receiving the brief.

The close collaboration between Ausco, the VSBA, as well as sub-contractors, associates and transport teams was a key element in the success of this project.

“To Tim, Simon and your team at Ausco - your response time and end product are fantastic! I Can’t thank you enough for your communication pre, during and even now post project - still checking in that all is well. You were always timely to respond, but above all else I’ve respected you seeking my input about what will work best for our kids and staff - be it regarding building location; building access; limiting impact on car parting; and more. You have obviously established some quality relationships with your tradies and have delivered a couple of buildings that will really meet the particular needs of our school community at this time.”

“It’s a credit to you all to have enabled our school to function with an almost seamless transition without an admin building for just one week.”

- Justin Marshman, Principal, Invermay Primary School