Ipswich State High School

Located 40 mins west of Brisbane, Ipswich State High School faced a familiar challenge. Due to enrolment capacity and growth, the Department of Education enlisted Ausco to supply additional classrooms to the school prior to the new build commencing in the coming months.

An additional 8 classrooms are now available, complete with full data connections, projector and camera setups. Known for its high-performance STEM program, Ipswich State High School had a specific requirement for 3 science labs that included gas turrets and sinks with full stainless steel benches. 

The science labs were further customised to include laboratory tapes and fittings, gas connections with emergency stop valves and eye wash stations. 

The buildings have been designed in such a way that it allows safe and easy access, maximising the usable space around the new classrooms and placement of essential services such as air conditioning compressors safely out of the way. 

Successfully fast-tracking building approval, earthworks and the construction of retaining walls to finalise the seamless design, complying with both disability requirements and fire hydrant regulations. 

This was a great success for both Ausco and Ipswich SHS, and after recent meetings with the Department of Education, we have received nothing but positive feedback. Staff and students alike have been extremely happy with the buildings and the all-around Ausco experience.