Logan Laboratory

Challenging site conditions suit modular design

The aim for Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance was to improve the operation of Logan city’s water and wastewater network. With the existing lab not compliant with today’s requirements, a modern design and additional space was required to support the waste water treatment plant growth.

The advantage of an off-site build and construct above ground meant Ausco Modular were easily able to limit soil disturbance on the challenging sloping site. The laboratory was able to continue operation while construction of the new building occurred to enable a seamless swap over.

With a level transition into the front of the laboratory of utmost importance, a small retaining wall and civil works were established to allow equipment and sample deliveries safely and with ease. Ducted air conditioning, fume cabinets and an alarm system were installed as per BCA requirements.

The result was a fully functional and state-of-the-art facility meeting current certifications for waste water treatment facilities. In addition, Ausco's solution offers ample space for growth and individual testing spaces that were not in the previous facility.