Oaklands Education Centre

Long-term site facilities for community education and research

The City of Marion is an area in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. When a need arose for long-term temporary facilities at Oaklands Park to accommodate further education needs for the community, the Marion Council contacted Ausco Modular for assistance.

The Oaklands Education Centre is the first university-led laboratory in South Australia for schools, government agencies and environmental groups to conduct practical water experiments while learning how wetlands work.

Ausco’s local Adelaide-based team promptly supplied several buildings to site including:

  • 12 x 6 training facility and field laboratory to seat up to thirty people
  • 12 x 3 multi-purpose complex including kitchen facilities
  • 6 x 3 amenities block and,
  • additional 2.4 x 2.4 ablution facility with access for disabled persons

“Students, environmental groups and researchers now have access to a new facility that will improve understanding of how to make the best use of our most precious (wetlands) resource.” - said Marion Mayor Mr Kris Hanna.

Flinders University water expert Professor Howard Fallowfield also praised the new facilities:

“These facilities are free to use and give our researchers practical opportunities to conduct research which ensures wetland water is safe for its intended use in the City of Marion.”

An effective way to enhance the look of temporary site facilities is the use of building wrap signage which can include images, logos or text and add more colour to a space. Your local Ausco contact can assist with sourcing a local supplier if this is of interest to you.

“The City of Marion is really pleased with the product and post-delivery service from Ausco. First class.”

Glynn Ricketts
Water Resources Coordinator
City of Marion