Ruyton Girls' School

Transforming Learning Spaces: Supporting Ruyton Girls' School Upgrade Project

Through a comprehensive tender process, we were awarded the project and provided a full turn-key solution, including the construction of new temporary classrooms, meeting fire regulations, and seamlessly integrating the classrooms with the existing landscape. The project, spanning 3 years from Q1 2022, showcased our expertise in delivering efficient and innovative solutions that met our clients requirements while preserving valuable green space.

Ruyton Girls’ School embarked on a major capital project to upgrade their facilities, requiring the temporary installation of classrooms, library space, and staff areas. With limited space available in the master plan and a desire to retain as much green space as possible, we sought a solution that would not only meet regulatory requirements but also provide a comfortable and conducive learning environment for students and a functional workspace for staff.

Our solution addressed all the client’s requirements and challenges including the construction of temporary classrooms, meeting all fire safety regulations and providing a comfortable and modern learning environment. New library space was equipped with comfortable seating arrangements, and a new workspace for teachers, ensuring they have a functional office space to continue their administrative duties. To create a centralized hub for various activities, we constructed a large deck connecting the classrooms. This covered area serves as a multi-use space for group discussions and outdoor learning experiences.

To ensure a conducive learning and working environment, we installed acoustic ceiling solutions that minimise noise distractions. The flooring was designed to accommodate floor wiring and provide a safe and comfortable surface for students and staff.