Dangerous Goods Container

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If you are an OHS or Project Manager in a Construction company, then Ausco 10-Foot DG Containers will provide you safe and compliant storage for your Dangerous and Hazardous goods on your site.

Hire rather than buy and enjoy

  • Removable floor for easy spill clean up.
  • Built in mesh shelving for safe stable storage of chemicals.
  • Forklift pockets for ease of delivery and movability on-site.
  • Compliant with AS1940-2017 to satisfy work safe and Union requirements for safe storage of chemicals and hazardous materials.

...all for a monthly hire fee.

Ausco cares deeply about the quality and suitability of the service and products we provider to our customers. 

Please refer this guide for the management and storage of flammable and combustible liquids, in conjunction with your relevant state regulations, as a reference as to how the Ausco Dangerous Goods Container can support your obligations.

Please also refer to Ausco's T&Cs in regards to your obligations when hiring a Dangerous Goods Containers.