Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School

Temporary space with a permanent feel

With a rapidly growing student population, Star of the Sea faced a familiar challenge - keeping the school operational while also putting in place the facilities that would allow for successful operation in the coming years. Ausco Modular was nominated as the preferred supplier for the hire of 17 learning centres and 3 bathroom facilities, whilst construction of their permanent build was taking place.

An additional 1400m2 of space is available to the junior school, 54m2 of mix-use bathrooms including all sewer connects and balustrading. Ramps and steps were built by the construction firm carrying out the permanent build.

Faced with the challenge of a tight timeline to retro fit the existing fleet, fortunately all classrooms were retrofitted and ready for delivery within the short timeframe of 4 weeks, thanks to the coordination of the Western Australian operations team.

This was a great success for both Ausco and Star of the Sea, and after recent meetings with the Principal of the school we have nothing but positives to report back. Staff and children alike have been extremely happy with the buildings and the all-round Ausco experience.