Coverflex Modular Covered Walkways

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Coverflex is Ausco Modular's covered walkway product, the perfect solution to providing instant protection outside and in between your buildings on site. Ideal for construction sites, Coverflex replaces the need for custom-built decking.



Coverflex is Ausco Modular's covered walkway product, the perfect solution to providing instant protection outside and in between your buildings on site. Ideal for construction sites, Coverflex replaces the need for custom-built decking.

Coverflex Modular Walkways
Why Coverflex?
SPEED We know time is money. Coverflex modules can be delivered to site the same time as your buildings. One lead time, one supplier, one delivery.

The non-slip floor covering dramatically increases grip, reducing the risk of injury and enforces your company's WH&S standards. Your team can move throughout the site without adverse weather effects, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

For those wanting extra safety measures, add our Coverflex handrails to reduce the risk of falls by your workers.

ECONOMICAL Pre-built units are more cost-effective on short-term projects and results in less waste on your site.
FLEXIBILITY Via a novel roof design, modules can be arranged in a number of ways giving ultimate flexibility for your site requirements.
RELOCATABLE Coverflex modules can move with your buildings.


Add Coverflex to your quote today or give our friendly team a call on 13 62 11 if you have any questions.

Please note that Coverflex is currently only available in small quantities in QLD, NSW and VIC. 

Standard Inclusions

Coverflex Modular Walkways

Coverflex Modular Walkways with handrails

We use Coverflex as they are a quick and effective walkway installed at the same time as the buildings. Additionally, if we need to relocate them, it is a simple process we can manage. The team scraps their boots on the grated raised floors, so the dirt drops under and our buildings are kept cleaner.

Without Coverflex, we would need to build a structure overcoming issues holding it down. The labour and materials cost of this is extreme and at the end of the job, it would have been thrown away.  

Coverflex is cost saving, easy to use product and the service from Ausco has been good and always prompt.

Frank Harris
Project Manager

I have now worked for two companies that utilise the Coverflex and Ausco site complex system to great effect. Not only is the installation efficient - just one day for both the buildings and Coverflex systems - we have found that the Coverflex is a more cost-effective system than traditionally built walkways, especially when you look at both the construction and demolition work required. 

With Coverflex, there is no costs to pour concrete slabs or remove them after the job. There is no requirement for additional labour or access equipment to install and remove. There are no repair costs to the Ausco buildings as Coverflex integrates with the structures. We have also noticed the shed generally have less mud as the contractors tend to use the grating as a boot cleaner when walking into the lunchroom and amenities.

Charles O'Brien
Senior Project Manager, VIC

BMD Constructions chose Ausco’s Coverflex system for our Melbourne project site, not just for the covered walkways, but also to protect the large pre-start area. Coverflex is the obvious choice as it’s installed seamlessly with buildings, and eliminates the need for other resources for this large, yet essential area of the construction site. BMD Constructions also love the sustainability of this hired covered walkway as it is returned to Ausco at the end of the project and gains a new life at a new site. The extensive roof area provided by Coverflex also enables BMD to install solar panels, further enhancing the sustainability of our project.

Lachlan McNab
Project Engineer
BMD Constructions

“We selected Coverflex for ease, practicality, and appearance. Coverflex looks a lot better than conventional timber covered walkways that generally don’t comply with the framing code. By using Coverflex we establish our site quicker as buildings and walkways are supplied and install with one supplier, Ausco. There are less trades onsite which means less costs greater ease. Ausco have been great in being able to meet and provide our requirements in an extremely busy market. their buildings are of excellent quality and the support team are accommodating and great to deal with on all levels.”

Construction Manager

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