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Dunnalley School Fire Disaster Recovery
15 January 2020

National Reach When You Need It

All the necessary planning and preparation for an Australian summer which often includes drought conditions, bushfires, cyclones, storms and potentially flooding, is rarely enough. It’s what happens next that matters most.

As communities pull together to begin the cleanup and recovery phase, local governments must coordinate restoring all essential services as safely and quickly as possible for residents to be able to return. Ausco has proudly partnered with local and state governments, schools, community groups and business to supply temporary buildings where they are needed and fast.

Our fleet of 14,000 buildings is ready for the rapid response required from any of our 16 branches in both metro and regional locations. Our buildings serve a temporary to long term need and are always transportable and relocatable, meaning when one area of focus is finished and the next is ready to rebuild, Ausco can coordinate the movement of your buildings and amenities to where they are most needed next.

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