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Safety series #2
9 August 2021

Safety Series: Ausco’s steps to become a COVID-19 safe business

Ausco Modular continues to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by focusing on our value of “care” for employees and clients.  Since March 2020 we have made many changes to our operations to help keep everyone safe.  How did we create a COVID safety plan?

  • Identified the risks
  • Controlled the risks
  • Continue to review

 Currently, these are the steps we have implemented at all our branches across Australia. 

  • Daily SMS to confirm both employees and contractor’s health status
  • QR code sign in at all permanent sites including State QR Code sign in
  • Temperature checking for all workers daily
  • Working from home for employees wherever possible
  • Limitations on workers in closed work environments
  • Clear physical distancing and hygiene requirements for workers at sites
  • Restricting access to sites for non-essential personnel
  • Training for workers around both federal and state COVID controls
  • Isolation & cleaning of buildings after hire

To date we are pleased to report that no employee or contractor has contracted COVID, however, we will continue to evaluate and adapt our policies and make necessary updates as the situation evolves and we learn more.

Follow this Safety Series to learn more about how Ausco continues to raise the bar in safety standards across each of our sites.