Boulia Primary Healthcare Centre and Well-being Centre

Modular construction delivers health facilities faster

A commitment from the Queensland Government to modernise ageing medical facilities has delivered the new Boulia Primary Healthcare Centre and Well-being Centre to the remote community in Central West Queensland.

Principal Contractor St Hilliers engaged Ausco Modular to deliver twenty-two prefabricated modules for the new facility.

Modular was the chosen method of construction due to the reduction in time resulting from simultaneous off-site manufacturing and site works, and the ease to add additional structural components in the future as required.

The 750m2 facility delivered in less than six months includes a self-dialysis unit within the Well-being Centre, and an emergency area and treatment bay, an x-ray facility and a reception and waiting area within the nurse-led Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC).

Also included in the PHC are multiple consultation rooms including a dedicated Aboriginal Health Worker (AHW) hub and obstetrics care area, a pharmacy, staff rooms, amenities and a state-of-the-art server room. Two ambulance bays and an adjoining, self-contained staff accommodation unit also feature.

An important aspect of the new facility to the Central West Hospital and Health division was that of a design to reflect the iconic outback Queenslander style of building. Ausco’s team successfully executed the architect’s vision which includes wide, shaded verandahs and a pitched roofline.

The design also incorporates earthy, natural colour tones to represent the surrounding natural environment and adds brightness and vibrancy to the streets of Boulia.

An impressive feature of the facility is the Queensland Health Telehealth connectivity which allows patients to receive live, quality consultations and care via telecommunications technology. A high definition camera within the emergency treatment area streams live images to doctors and specialists at Longreach Hospital reducing the need for locals to travel elsewhere for high-quality care.