Brighton State School

Classroom relocation made easy with modular

A key advantage of modular buildings is their ability to be redeployed as and where your need is greatest. This exact situation presented itself at Bracken Ridge High School and Brighton State School, towards the north of Brisbane.

The added complexity of working on two sites and while students were on campus at both locations meant extra care and attention was required to all safety aspects of the job, including traffic management (both vehicular and pedestrian), careful timing of services availability during construction and extra consideration for any waste generated throughout the process.

In addition to placing the buildings on site and completing makegood works at the original site, Ausco’s team were charged with overall site design, gaining relevant building approvals, connection of services to the building including data, power and storm water, as well as construction of ramps, stairs and concrete pathways as necessary to provide access to the newly placed building. Ausco’s team are well versed working as principal contractors on site and were able to handle these tasks with aplomb.

Finally, the newly relocated building received a much-needed makeover, with new pant work, carpet flooring and some minor rectification works completed to other elements of the building. Ausco’s experienced team can complete just about any refurbishment works, to both modular and traditionally constructed buildings.

While it’s always tricky working on a site that’s operational (let alone two sites!), the works were completed without incident and provided a great learning opportunity for students at the school.