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Ausco Modular - Hiring a temporary building
19 May 2020

Council Building Permits for Temporary Facilities

If you’re looking to hire a temporary building from Ausco, there’s usually a requirement to discuss permits and approvals with your local Council prior.

Whether it’s an additional office to accommodate social distancing and business continuity due to current COVID-19 requirements, a lunchroom, or amenities, your local Ausco sales representative will suggest you complete your due diligence prior to hiring a temporary building.

The various State Governments and Council bodies around Australia have differing requirements. We suggest approaching your local Council contact with the following information:

  • The intended use of your temporary building/s;
  • The proposed size/m2 of the temporary building/s;
  • The intended duration of the temporary facilities on-site; and
  • Any building services connections required (e.g. plumbing, water, etc).

It's also worth noting that your temporary building solution is generally required to be 3m from a single-storey existing dwelling or 6m from some two-storey existing dwellings for fire separation reasons. Any closer proximity will usually require additional fire services and safety consultation. Let our team know if this is the case and we'll assist where possible to help facilitate this need.

Your local Ausco Modular team can also assist with any required drawings and elevations for a minimal fee. Your local Council will also be able to guide you further around any other information required or actions needed.


Ready to hire a building? Contact your local Ausco team now on 13 62 11 or submit a quote request online.

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