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Building auction in Forbes, NSW
18 May 2020

Modular Building Auction Day In Forbes, NSW

Read about Ausco’s annual building auction through the words of the event organiser and National Operations Manager, Dave Leditschke.

Recently we conducted our annual used building auction at our Forbes facility in conjunction with Lloyds Auctions. This was the 6th auction we have conducted in Forbes since 2015 and once again the team responsible produced a fantastic outcome for our business.

Ausco has become a known team in Forbes over the past few years (particularly at the commercial hotel) and this year we tried something different in order to both give something back to the community & promote the auction. We sponsored the annual Forbes Rodeo and timed the auction to be conducted on the days following it.

The rodeo organisers were great & permitted us to set up a display promoting the auction directly inside the entrance gates and promoted our business all day over the speaker system.

On the auction inspection days, we had over 150 people come & inspect the buildings, not all are buyers, it seems country people will sometimes just visit because “there’s something on”.

On auction day we cleared (sold) all 99 units in just over 2 hours!