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Temporary classrooms for your school
14 May 2020

Integrating Modular Classrooms and Buildings Into Your School Master Plan

Construction planning can be daunting, especially if you have little background in the construction field and are not very familiar with modular classroom buildings. If you feel like this, read on.

Once your school begins to exceed its existing capacity, it’s time to plan for new classroom space. Depending on the amount of growth and speed of expansion, you may find yourself with a variety of options available.

Whether you’re looking to renovate, add to an existing facility or incorporate temporary space, these facts about modular buildings will be useful to you as you begin your expansion process.

What are my options?

You have the options of a temporary modular classroom and a custom permanent modular classroom building.

There are two important defining factors needed to create the foundation for all other decisions made around a modular classroom project, including:

  • Why is space needed?
  • How long will space be needed?

How you answer these two questions is what defines whether you need a temporary building or a more customised long-term solution.  Your answers along with the governing regulatory bodies will also dictate how the site is developed for the building and around the building.  The answers will even help you develop a conversation about funding for the project.

Beyond the building, what other costs should be considered?

Ausco will assist with most, if not all these services for clients.

  • Permits
  • Engineering
  • Site Preparation
  • Foundations
  • Utilities, Water, And Sewer
  • Delivery
  • Installation & Setup
  • Decks, Steps, Ramps
  • Awnings
  • Site Restoration & Landscaping
  • Paving


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