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A modern modular classrooms for Calvary Lutheran Primary students
23 April 2020

Top 3 ways modular solutions score high grades

While many students will soon return to a school building, many are attending classes in innovative modular classrooms.

According to the University of Sydney, portable classrooms account for 12% of all government schools in NSW alone. From individual classrooms to multi-story buildings and entire campuses, modular solutions provide a wide range of options to best suit every situation.

Multi-unit configurations

In many cases, such as in remote areas or following a natural disaster, portable classrooms will be co-located to create entire schools. In other cases, they are used to create learning communities or hubs for co-learning. Modern modular classrooms are designed to integrate into multiple school landscapes, manage different site and climate conditions as they are moved from one location to another.


Modular buildings are built to meet the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities. Our modules are constructed in a factory, allowing for a secure environment as well as improved safety and security. The standardisation in the factory process also allows for quality control as each component is inspected at every phase of construction.


As more and more schools are looking for sustainability in their designs, modular construction is an inherently natural fit. Manufacturing modular buildings in a controlled environment minimises material purchases and waste. This, combined with improved quality control and less on-site disruption, promotes sustainability in all industry applications.