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Underwood Park Sporting Precinct in QLD
5 July 2021

Why clubs and organisations are choosing modular buildings over traditional on-site constructions

Modular construction is moving the goal posts for clubs, communities, and sporting groups across Australia.  Many clubs and councils have realised the benefits of off-site construction and have embraced this methodology. 

Benefits to clubs and Councils by choosing modular:

Clubs and Councils can be assured that our design teams have worked closely with National and State sporting codes to develop facilities that meet or exceed their minimum standards.

All modular buildings are built to meet or exceed the same building codes and standards as site-built structures. The same architect-specified materials used in conventionally constructed buildings are used in modular construction projects (i.e. timber, concrete, and steel).

The lifespan of the building will be no different from a site-built structure using the same materials. The lifespan will be determined by the treatment and maintenance of the building. The individual building components' warranty is passed on from each supplier, with the same warranty conditions and maintenance requirements for both on-site and off-site build.

On-site time is dramatically shorter, reducing safety risk to the public in high traffic areas (i.e. sports precincts, schools, and other public areas), meaning the modules can be manufactured and then installed quickly during school holidays or sporting off-seasons.

Reduced weather delays because 60-90% of modular construction is completed inside the factory, effectively mitigating the risk of the climate halting the build.

Modular building methodology makes facilities suitable for the landfill and reclaimed substrates under many playing fields.

Access issues can be bypassed by craning the building modules over the top of obstacles.

Ausco can manage the project from beginning to end to mitigate the risk of scope, timeline, and cost overruns and lessen the burden on Councils, staff, and volunteers.

A modular solution allows clubs the flexibility to grow their facilities as more funding becomes available.

In-house manufacture produces around 30% less waste than building on-site.

In situations where lease agreements change, the facility can be relocated.

All Ausco Modular buildings comply with the National Construction Code of Australia.

Underwood Sporting Precinct Underwood Sporting Precinct netball courts

Modular means keeping it simple for staff and volunteers…

End-to-end project management by local expert teams (if required)

The project stays on track and on budget

New facilities available sooner with modular construction

Minimal disruption to play and club activities

Less of a burden on club administrators and volunteers

Allows the club to focus on what they do best

Happy volunteers and staff!


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