Gladstone Modular Buildings


11 - 15 Ganley Street
South Gladstone QLD 4680

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Ausco Modular is one of Australia’s leading modular construction companies and has a footprint across the country, including Gladstone. Whether you need to hire a portable office, shed or building for a project or you need a permanent building solution and you’re exploring your construction options, Ausco has you covered.

Hire Space

Need to hire portable buildings in Gladstone for a short or long-term project? Ausco can provide a wide variety of buildings and facilities to suit the requirements of your project, including portable project offices, site sheds, first aid rooms, toilets and ablution blocks, waste and water tanks and site storage. Building renter protection, environmentally-friendly building upgrades and 360° Solutions that support you in furnishing, installing, servicing and removing your temporary space are available. 

Buy Space

Modular construction techniques provide a wealth of benefits, such as reduced build times and avoiding business disruptions, and could be ideal for your project. We work with clients across a wide range of industries and sectors, including education, aged care and health care, local councils and sports clubs. We also have a strong history of working closely with clients in the mining and resources sector.

We also offer a new flexible and configurable multi-level space solution for temporary and permanent facilities, Progress.

Ausco Modular’s 360° Solutions

Ausco Modular’s 360° Solutions simplify the process of selecting, furnishing, installing, servicing and removing your temporary office or building so you can focus on what you do best. Our furnished temporary workspace options include furnished offices, furnished first aid rooms and furnished lunch rooms. Solve all your temporary building requirements, inside and out, with Ausco Modular.