Environmentally Friendly Building Upgrades

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Do the best for your team and the environment whilst meeting project sustainability targets with an Eco Upgrade.

At Ausco Modular, we're prepared for environmental and sustainability requirements you face. Take the guesswork out of compliance with our Eco upgrade service.

We all know the quality of construction site sheds and offices can impact the wellbeing of staff and the environment. To address this, the RCLG has worked with key industry bodies, including Ausco, to set out environmental and sustainability best practice requirements and drive a collaborative change through the industry. As a RCLG compliant building, major infrastructure projects can receive credit from the Infrastructure Sustainability Ratings.

At Ausco Modular, we strongly support these requirements which deliver benefits for your staff, your business and the environment. To help you comply with these requirements, we’ve developed an easy and cost-effective solution through our ECO upgrade options.


Inclusions - see full list here

Our ECO upgrade add-on includes additional features, such as:

  • Low VOC paint, adhesives and sealants
  • Insulation
  • LED lighting with motion sensors
  • Blinds or tints
  • Weather seals, and more.
  • Water saving taps

Reduced costs, improved efficiency

While our Eco upgrade service ensures you comply with industry requirements, it also brings additional benefits to your business.

  • Save energy, reduce heating and cooling bills
  • Identify and eliminate energy wastage
  • Reduce indoor pollution, ensuring the health of your staff
  • Enhance security
  • Increase fire safety
  • Improve environmental performance

Upgrade your Ausco hire buildings today through our ECO upgrade options – it’s the simple option for environmental compliance and staff satisfaction.


Why not add a hybrid generator to further reduce your site's emissions?