Waste Storage Tanks with High Level Alarm

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Neatly tucked under the building footprint, these waste tanks will not increase the footprint of your site and keeping you running. Additionally, the tanks come with high level alarms so your site is never shut down waiting for pump outs.

Waste Tank Specifications

Our Waste tanks are an Australian design, large capacity waste storage tank complete with high level alarms and full-service options (pump out) available. They also come with a structural certification for your peace of mind.

4000lt Specifications

  • Waste Tank 4000lt
  • Steel Frame
  • 2 x 2000L plastic tanks joined
  • Dimensions: 3865mm x 2400mm x 660mm
  • Weight empty is 460 Kg
  • Includes High Level Alarm

6000lt Specifications

  • Waste Tank 6000lt
  • Steel Frame
  • 3 x 2000L Plastic tanks joined
  • Dimensions:  5860mm x 2400mm x 660mm
  • Weight empty is 776 Kg
  • Include High Level Alarm

Designed to sit snuggly under our buildings, they will not increase the footprint on the site and the included high level alarm allows you to manage the pump outs so you don't have downtime. These tanks also work in seamlessly with our other 360 Solutions products and services including Coverflex Walkwalks and Steps and Landings.