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Ausco Modular Dunalley Primary School
16 January 2020

Modular Building Construction for Disaster Recovery

Australia experiences some of the most severe weather-related natural disasters in the world including the recent catastrophic bushfire events, plus occasional severe storms and flooding, meaning people and businesses need to be prepared and ready if the worst does occur.

Sectors such as education, health and aged care cannot cease work if a natural disaster impacts their facilities and buildings. Along with temporary facilities for an immediate presence on-site, Ausco Modular’s expert teams around Australia can also assist with longer-term recovery efforts and the rebuild of vital infrastructure.

Various business, industry and service sectors now rely on modular construction to meet their growing needs and can be assured they will be delivered on time, on budget and with less disruption to the site and surrounding community.

Built offsite in a controlled factory environment, modular buildings can be built in half the time of a traditional build. An example of this is a pilot project with Queensland Health to construct onsite accommodation at Miles Hospital, west of Brisbane.

Within just eight weeks from conceptualisation to completion, Miles Hospital had a new eight-bedroom modular facility to house nursing staff.

Constructed from just four modules, it was built without interruption to the existing buildings or delays from weather or other environmental factors.


Ausco Modular Miles Hospital Accommodation


Permanent modular buildings offer the benefits of a fast and efficient turnaround and specialist engineering ensures the building will be solid for years to come. Assembled on the final site, the structure is guaranteed to be strong and is often mistaken for a traditional build.

Regardless of the disaster situation, modular buildings can often be the only timely and affordable solution that allows communities to continue to operate and get back to business as usual.


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