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Calvary Lutheran Primary School
22 July 2020

Schools of the Future: Architecturally Designed Learning Environments

Even though skilled teachers and staff and implementation of modern educational methods are what drives the success of any school, we can’t overlook the importance of the design of the building itself. Well-designed school buildings that offer a pleasant atmosphere are often associated with improved attendance rates, increased focus as well as heightened self-esteem – all important factors when it comes to students’ performance.

With a few exceptions, construction suffers from inefficiencies that are detrimental not only to clients’ time and money but the well-being of the environment. Material waste, high labour costs, longer construction times, and onerous levels of maintenance are just a few of the many consequences of today’s outdated building practices. It’s no wonder there's an argument for modular construction to overhaul the industry.

Modular construction has the potential to revolutionise the building process, with factory-controlled quality, reduced construction schedules and smarter use of materials make it considerably more sustainable than conventional techniques.

The following projects were composed using this increasingly popular construction method, proving that the functionality of modular construction does not have to mean compromising on design.

UniSA Samsung SMARTSchool


UniSA Samsung Smart School

Kosciuszko St Primary School

Architect: Angelucci Architects Pty Ltd

Kosciuszko St Primary School

Calvary Lutheran Primary School

Architect: Peter Moeck 

Calvary Lutheran Primary School


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